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Dominican Republic All Inclusive Vacation

You are thinking you want a tropical vacation, and the Dominican Republic options are at the top of the list. We all have heard that a few tourists in the Dominican Republic got sick, and tragically even passed away, while they were on vacation in the Punta Cana.  Let’s be honest, it got a lot of press coverage, until the same thing was said about Costa Rica. And then Florida.

Rest assured, I still took my family to Puerto Plata that summer with no troubles at all, as usual.  We had a large party last summer, seven of us, in total. This included my dad and step mom, and they were admittedly nervous. They had actually cancelled a vacation that they had booked and paid for in Punta Cana that was supposed to take place later that fall, because they were so concerned.  Even though we were going to a different part of the Island of Hispanola they were overly anxious.

Pick Safe Dominican Resorts

I had zero concerns.  Puerto Plata is not a “you can’t leave the resort” kind of vacation.  I assured my dad and step mom everything would be fine multiple times.  I have been to the country several times, and know how my resorts operate and the level of service I expect.  May family has found the Dominican Republic safe every visit. Even when we were boarding the plane in Toronto, and when we landed in Puerto Plata, they brought it up.

Take Advantage of All Inclusive Resorts

In Puerto Plata, -at all of the resorts we offer-, every adult can request one bottle of wine or liquor, per day to their room.  Soda pop, juice, water and beer are unlimited. The libations you request are delivered, or you pick it up (how you get your libations depends on the room) and it is in a sealed bottle.  Yes, you get the whole bottle.  Sealed by the manufacturer.  There are no refillable taps, or anything like that.  Same with the water, soda pop, juice, and beer. The soda pop and water are sealed, single use bottles- just like at the store.  I’m demonstrating safety here and recycling will be addressed in the future.

It really is like heaven on Earth.  So, just make good decisions and I think you will have a great vacation.  First, pick reputable travel partners. Second, pick safe resorts. Third, take advantage of all inclusive vacations.  Fourth, plan reputable excursions off the resorts. Regardless if you relax on the beach, or go on the Dune Buggy adventure, or go river rafting, then you will have a wonderful vacation.  Or go to Ocean World, and swim with nurse sharks. That may seem like that could be the most anxiety producing part of the trip, but it’s great! I have done it and I am using ten fingers to type this blog.

Plan Reputable Excursions

With that said, we also always leave the resort for fun.  We went snorkeling in Sosua, on tours of Puerto Plata city twice.  I have waited for my family to return from the Telerifico all by myself without any trouble, since I only do my swaying on the dance floor.  Please, use common sense just like if you were in any other part of the world, and enjoy your all inclusive Dominican Republic vacation. Puerto Plata is great.  At the Christmas holidays, a Canadian friend was just on vacation in Florida with her family, and she was screamed at three different times by Floridians.  Well, probably Floridians. That’s just not a Dominican thing.

The Telerifico in Puerto Plata is an excellent example of a safe and enjoyable activity when visiting the Dominican Republic.
El Teleférico de Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, and the Dominican Republic as a whole, is safe and full of fun things to do.  There are so many excursions that we aren’t even close to doing them all!  The people of Puerto Plata are kind and very happy to see tourists. Dominicans know what happens when there is no tourist interest, so they want you to make good, safe decisions also.  Now pack your bag and get on that plane! Don’t forget your sunblock!

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