Terms and Conditions - Chairman's Circle Vacation

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please read these terms and conditions completely before accessing this website, using or
    obtaining any materials or information contained or linked herein, communicating with Chairman’s
    Circle Vacation, subscribing to or purchasing any services listed.

  2. Throughout this document, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘website’, and ‘Chairman’s Circle’ will refer to
    Chairman’s Circle Vacation and ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘user’, and ‘guest’ will refer to you, the user of Our
    Website. ‘Resorts’ will refer to the hotel and spa companies with which we have affiliated.

  3. Information – The written and visual information presented on the website is representative of the
    physical facilities of the resorts and no guarantee, express or implied, is made that the user’s
    accommodation will be the exact facility or exactly as pictured.

  4. Your vacation is likely to include four key domains:

    1. Accommodations – The place where you will sleep and store your belongings. This is the domain
      which we represent, for which we will receive payment from you in exchange for booking at the
      affiliated resort of your choosing. Your accommodation will also include a wrist band which
      identifies your level of access to resort facilities including exclusive pools, restaurants,
      bars, and beaches.

    2. Transportation – From time to time, our website will provide unverified information regarding
      transportation to and/or from your chosen port of embarkation with respect to your vacation
      plans. The burden lies with the user to verify and validate any such information, and to enlist
      and fund any private or common carrier to provide transportation to the ports of disembarkation
      of Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, or Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic if resort
      transportation is to be used. We will, as part of the Accommodation booking process, schedule
      with the resort transportation from the selected port of disembarkation to the resort lobby
      provided that:

      1. A stay of 4 nights or longer is booked for transportation between Gregorio Luperón
        International Airport (Puerto Plata International Airport) and Puerto Plata or Cabarete

      2. A stay of 4 nights or longer is booked for transportation between Punta Cana International
        Airport and Punta Cana resorts,

      3. A stay of 7 nights or longer is booked for transportation between Cibao International
        Airport (Santiago Airport) and Puerto Plata

      4. This will be provided to you at the cost incurred from the resort. At the time of this
        writing there is no fee, but this is subject to change without advance notice.

        We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you make your Accommodation reservation and wait to receive
        confirmation prior to booking your travel arrangements.

    3. Meals – Several of the resorts will REQUIRE the user and the user’s guests to enroll in the
      All-Inclusive food and beverage plan and check-in may be declined if this is refused. We STRONGLY
      RECOMMEND that the user plan their vacation and financial expenditure to take advantage of the
      All-Inclusive food and beverage plan whether it is mandatory or not. The daily rates are adjusted
      seasonally and most recently available are referenced in the Website. This fee will be paid in full
      to the resort on check-in, after which no further payment will be necessary for any food or beverage
      at restaurants, bars, snack stands and so forth included in the plan at the resorts. Resorts will
      require presentation of the wrist band to access food and beverage in the All-Inclusive plan.

    4. Entertainment – How you will spend your time during your vacation is up to you. From time to
      time, our website will provide information regarding activities, resources, and programs,
      hereafter Excursions, available in, at, near, or around the resorts. While we will make every
      effort to provide accurate and timely updates regarding availability, access, content, quality,
      and additional cost if any, we make no guarantee as to the accuracy of provided information
      regarding Excursions.

  5. Payment, Refunds, Reschedule, and Cancellations – The Accommodation fee will be due to Us in
    full at the time of booking. If your primary request cannot be completed due to availability or
    technical problems with resort reservation systems to your satisfaction, we will refund to you the
    Accommodation fee in total. Rescheduling includes any change in the booking, not limited to but
    including change of arrival or departure date, change in the number of the party, change in
    accommodation, or change in members of the user’s guest list. Arrival dates more than thirty-one
    days away may be rescheduled ONCE based on availability with no incurred penalties. No additional
    rescheduling is possible. Cancellations made more than thirty-one days prior to arrival will be
    refunded save a 10% charge. Cancellations less than thirty-one days prior to arrival will receive
    no refund.

  6. Disputes – Your satisfaction is our business. In the event we cannot provide your satisfaction,
    any dispute or claim relating in any way to your use of any Chairman’s Circle Vacation service or
    website will be resolved by binding arbitration, rather than in court.