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We offer you all inclusive resort packages with levels of luxury you cannot imagine and prices you cannot pass.
Imagine sitting in a 5-star restaurant and ordering whatever you like without thinking about the price. Follow that with drinks at the bar and pool side service without reaching for your wallet.
Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata

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Some of the best amenities we have
  • Welcome Party
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness
  • Kids Club
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cable Car
  • Bars
Cabarete and Cancun Vacation Packages

Welcome Party

An all out bash every Sunday night and your All-Inclusive package gets you good seats. Cocktails and music will be followed by an international buffet you really can’t imagine. Enjoy the live music, fireworks, and stage entertainment at this amazing party that is not to be missed.

Cabarete and Cancun Vacation Packages


  • AZUL- gourmet cuisine at the top of VIP Tower.
  • V.I.P. Simply Gourmet- Steak and Seafood. Enjoy indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Intimates- Specializing in seafood, private oceanside dining at sunset.
  • Jazz- French Fusion white linen dining, a little twist on typical New Orleans themed cuisine.
  • Blue’s Restaurant- Certified Kosher kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. *Please request Kosher when booking*
  • Rodizio’s- Brazilian Churrascaria, the most delicious selection of grilled meats.
  • Skewers- Mediterranean Cuisine, focused on grilled kabobs served beachside.

Cabarete and Cancun Vacation Packages


  • 1. Executive center and 2. Cofresi Palm
  • Water aerobics
  • Dancing lessons
  • Tennis courts
  • Extreme sports zone

Cabarete and Cancun Vacation Packages

Kids Club

  • Supervised by staff and includes Kids Art Club
  • Hours: 9am- 12pm and 2pm- 5pm daily

Cabarete and Cancun Vacation Packages

Swimming Pool

At Puerto Plata
  • 12 pools - At every lobby and every beach
  • 1 Kids pool with splash zone
  • 1 family friendly pool
  • 1 adults only pool

Cabarete and Cancun Vacation Packages

Cable Car

Also call the teleferico, take a ten minute ride 2600+ feet up Mount Isabel de Torres on the only cable car in the Caribbean. Visit Christ the Redeemer and take fun pictures. Enjoy the gorgeous view along with a gorgeous botanical garden located at the top of the mountain.

Hours of operation are 8:30am till 5pm. Cost for an adult is 10 US dollar and for children of 5-10 years, the cost is 5 US dollar, cash only. You can also hike up and down the mountain but rumor has it that it takes hours.

Cabarete and Cancun Vacation Packages


V.I.P. Bars @ Puerto Plata
  • Cafe Java Coffee bar- get your java in style here, centrally located in the resort!
  • Fruit Smoothie- Enjoy this smoothie bar located in the gorgeous VIP Tower.
  • Celebrations- Champagne bar! Pop the cork on the third floor of the VIP Tower and enjoy yourself!
  • Essence- Serving delicious wines in VIP World.
  • Cosmopolitans Martini Bar - Located at VIP Pool. Do you like it neat or dirty?
  • The Spot- Come to VIP Pool for hookah and enjoy vodka!
  • Bubbles- VIP Beach champagne bar. Drink your bubbles in the water or on the sand.
  • Top Shelf- Enjoy whiskey at oceanside at VIP beach
  • On the Rocks- choose your rum and enjoy it at the Serenity Beach.
  • Las Palmas- Serenity Beach’s own vodka bar.
  • Breezy Blends Bar- Frozen drinks to keep you cool at Harmony Beach.
  • Bourbon Street Bar- Get the bourbon you like, the way you like!
  • The Corner Bar- Get your favorite drink inside Fadi’s Food Corner at NV Beach.

Why Choose Us
We offer a low price per person per night as compared to the hotel website. When booked through us, transportation is included from and to the airport in Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo for Puerto Plata; Puerto Plata for Cabarete; and Punta Cana. All of the resorts in each city are within walking distance of each other, but when booked through us, travelers get a VIP pass that:
Grants access to the VIP listed amenities, including the beaches, bars, 5-star restaurants, and VIP world.
  • (This alone is significant, as it means dinner at the resort’s buffet becomes very unlikely, and it’s all-inclusive.)
  • Allows wearers to access amenities at the other resorts.
  • Allows access to the VIP shuttle between the lobbies, restaurants, beaches, and Kviar Casinos off property.
  • While there are other sites selling VIP passes/bookings to these resorts, we have the lowest price and will match regular advertised prices.
  • We offer a Kosher meal program (special restrictions and pricing).
  • Villa rentals come with a golf cart for transportation.
  • We offer discounted prices on tickets to Ocean World to Presidential Suite and Villa rentals (% changes seasonally).
  • The Villas can accommodate up to 14 guests, and adjacent villas can be booked for larger groups.
  • Breakfast cooked in the villa by a personal chef is included when booked with us.
Cabarete and Cancun Vacation Packages

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